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Design, Production, Solutions, Services

Design (Conceptual Design)

We have a Engineering / Design Team to assist with 3D Conceptual Design  Conversion for your convenience. All we need is some Sketches or an Image to start with. Then we can develop the product to a realistic Render for your approval. We use the latest in 3D Design and Engineering Software to create a working 3D Model and 2D Drawings. These are created in conjunction with your budgetary constraints and finish requirements. In order to be able to accurately predict cost estimates and Structural Design Intent.

Manufacturing (Prototyping & Production Manufacturing)

We are able to produce a sample for you. We can Fabricate or Rapid Prototyped, depending on the immediate needs of the project. We can also apply artwork to your sample for you to gain a better feel for the final production product.

Production will be made in one of our Production Facilities in the Mainland China. The production location is based upon the material used and the manufacturing processes required.

Solution (Logistics)

We are lastly able to supply freight estimate costs and lead times for your approval. Should you feel the need for our assistance in this area.


We offer Product Sourcing Service. Should you need to find supply of any product from China. We can do it. We have a people constantly going to Trade Fairs, and doing factory sourcing and evaluation audits. To make sure that you we find the right Product, at the Ring Price and the Right Quality for you.

​We also offer Production QC service. If you have purchased a product from China, but need someone to oversee the quality control for you. In order to protect your interests. A neutral party that will not be biased and offer honest feedback. We can offer you a tailored solution. Based around your requirement and Budget constraints.